She spread her legs to make going inside easy for him and curiously looked down to see what was happening. When his tip slowly slid inside, she was surprised and a little scared how big he felt. But somehow things just worked and he slid inside, stroking along the inside of her vagina, invoking an explosion of joy. Overwhelmed by her emotions her instincts took over, and she could do nothing but let out loud moans of satisfaction.

After winning the game, the girls decided to go for a party at the pool. The morale was high, and in combination with being young and curious one thing simply had to lead to the other. "Everyone go topless, let's make those guys over there crazy!"

She always wanted to try two dicks, but she never thought it would feel that good. Being filled both in her pussy and her butt was a real stretch, but gave her incredible pleasure. Her mind was unable to think of anything else than the two dicks moving inside her, giving her what she never knew she always wanted.

For her 18th birthday, her friends came up with a special set of party games. This one is called "identify the pussy", and whoever makes a mistake has to lick in the end.

She was dazed by his powerful thrusts inside her. She could feel his dick go in and out, leaving nothing but joy inside her. Her arms and legs simply stopped working as they always did when she was penetrated with such eagerness. She felt his hands stroke over her breasts and could do nothing but moan under the sheer pleasure he inflicted.

After a long hike, we decided to refresh ourselves in one of the cold mountain lakes. Unfortunately we did not carry swimwear, but that did not stop us. After all we were friends for a very long time. And secretly we liked the thrill of being naked in public, being so unprotected and vulnerable. The excitement did something to us that we could not quite explain, but it was somehow very pleasing to be naked together.

Emmy and Abby went to a very religious high school, and knew nothing about their drives when they entered university. They were really happy when Tom invited them over to fill in their missing knowledge. And somehow, there was a prickling anticipation in their crotch the more they thought about it.

Finally there, they were so happy to see a man's body for the first time. They couldn't resist but touch it, as Tom made very sure they could observe everything in detail.

"Hi, I am the host of your AirBnB. I am here to give you a tour, but maybe you want to give me a tour first?"

"Hey, we were just about to enjoy ourselves here! But how about you, would you like to join?"

"I've never seen how you look like down there, can you show me?"

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